Recently we are getting a lot of inspirations from Poland so we decided to look closer into their fashion market. Before our research, we were sure that Poland will give us another punch of inspiration, a lot of style and waft of uniqueness. What we found is more than we expected so we picked our TOP 6 brand. Some of them are already known for Obsession4Fashion readers but some of them we featured for the first time.



MISBHV also know as Misbehave is a polish label founded by designers Natalia and Kate. At the beginning, the aim was to design and make clothes which they and their friend would like to wear, but it doesn’t finish just on friends. With each collection, the label was expanding until it reached global stars like Rihanna, A$AP Rocky or Jourdan Dunn.



Local Heroes is another polish label founded by two friends, Areta Szpura and Karolina Slota about two years ago. They’ve started with a budget of $150 so they were able to create a just small collection of t-shirts. Two years later LH is youthful streetwear brand with a huge range of products from sweatshirts via jackets, dresses, bottoms to underwear and swimwear. They get big after Justin Bieber wore one of the t-shirts from their collection. Local Heroes is dedicated to people who like to stand out in a casual and simple way.



We found also something for kids, nobody said that style has any age limitation, isn’t it? Founded in Poland by two friends, designers who are offering streetwear clothing for our children. Kloo by Booso offers casual, simple but unique clothing and accessories with surprising details made from the best handpicks fabrics. Characteristic features of the label are reverse stitching, unfinished hems, inside out seams or oversized tags. Tha main colours in their collections are beige, grey, white and black combined with the pops of mustard yellow or orange. They offering wide range of products like t-shirts, cardigans, dresses, beanies, scarfs for children in the size age 0 to 8 years old.



UEG is the shortcut of Italian phrase ‘use e getta’ which means use and throw it away. This phrase becomes the main theme of the label founded by Michał Łojewski, who was cooperating at the beginning with Anna Kuczyńska. UEG designs are whole sets of t-shirts, pants or jackets in a unisex style. Most of them are made of Tyvek, but they are using also cotton and viscose. UEG is one of the most recognisable polish brand on a fashion market. You can find UEG’s products in USA, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Korea or Italy. Like we wrote a few days ago UEG recently has done a huge collaboration with PUMA in FW16 Futuristic Collection.

GYPSY Rags & Vestures

gypsy at obsession4fashion top 5 polish brands (4)

Another brand which we picked to our TOP 6 was already featured at Obsession4Fashion and we are still obsessed with them. GYPSY Rags & Vestures is a fresh and modern label in fashion industry which push the boundaries of controversy and insolence. It’s a brand for those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and for those who are looking for their own place. Doesn’t matter who are you or how rich you are. To most important thing for GYPSY are families aspects to stay together no matter what. GYPSY offers a wide range of streetwear clothing for both genders.



The hottest brand we left at the end. God Save Queens was created in 2014 and became know for an ultra-feminine, sensual lingerie. The lingerie is designed by Karolina Bernaciak, produced and finished manually in Poland. The key of the uniqueness of God Save Queens product is material. Subtle laces are imported from France and Italy. Everything is well thought-out.

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