We are impressed about designed, handmade turbans from Blanka Slak Rupnik so we decided to make a post about her brand – HatsByBSR. Every single turban is handmade, made only from the finest fabrics and detailed to perfection. In wide range of hats you can find turbans, fur hats, fedora hats and more accessories which will add style to your everyday outfit. To know more about it just read how Blanka described her works to us:

“The whole business project HatsByBSR has started way before I even launched my blog, and it happened because of my immense love for wearing hats, which are such an amazing accessory. Blog turned out to be a great tool to promote my Fedora hats line. And only then I decided to design my first turban ever. It came out of my admiration of women in 50s wearing their glamorous turbans with night gowns. Looking so fabulous. My idea was to make a turban that could be worn as an everyday headpiece, as a street style accessory. Just one week after publishing the first picture of myself wearing one of my first handmade turbans, I got the opportunity to present it at a Pop-Up store along the NYC Fashion Week. This happened a bit more than a year ago and this was crucial for my business with turbans. Since then my whole life is spinning around this incredible headpiece which I try to present to the whole wide world – and the results are great. 

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Designing process goes from finding the right material to the handmade sewing of every draping detail you can see and feel when wearing a turban from my HatsByBSR line. My turban story is now in a full bloom around Europe and expanding to the Middle East market with some help of my Dubai business partners. All the turbans can be purchased directly from my newly launched online shop or in case of a more personalized design, ordered upon request.”

Below you can see example pieces which you can get in HERE

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