Madison Rae has joined Obsession4Fashion

We would like to make an announcement. Madison Rae has joined Obsession4Fashion team. Madison is a fashion blogger from Tribeca, currently living in New York City. She is another person from NY which decided to join our crew.


We are more than happy to welcome her in our crew and we are sure that she will bring a lot of style and class to Obsession4Fashion. Her blog is not just about the fashion. She’s obsessed with fashion, traveling, healthy and fitness so you will find tons of inspiration and tips from her.


Madison is a person with big heart. She has rescued three dogs and she is a huge advocate for recusing dogs – #adoptdontshop. Right now she is in the process of planning her wedding.


“I’m a firm believer in investing in high end pieces that you will wear forever- quality over quantity.  BUT at the same time I love mixing high & low – it’s all about balance and making smart purchases”

Madison Ra

From today Madison will be the source of inspirations for our readers. Her latest posts & looks will land on our platform so Obsession4Fashion will keep you updated. Visit her website for more and if you are not following her on Instagram, you have to do it now, you won’t regret.

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