We would like to announce that Obsession4Fashion joins forces with Live Heroes. If you still don’t know how are they it’s time to change it. Live Heroes it’s a polish brand which giving people opportunity to show their designing potential around the world. It’s a perfect place for perspective young artists who exactly know how difficult is to join that designers world -with Live Heroes it is so much easier. So in one sentence they’re givining amazing opporutinty to show your works all around the world and also they’re giving you chance to earn money on it. How does it exactly works? Keep reading.


They are offering wide range of womens, mens and kids products on which you can place your design. You can also design amazing accessories.

Click and start selling your products right now !

If you don’t have money to invest to produce your own clothes and your biggest dream is to create our own label it’s possible only with Live Heroes. All you need to do is to open ‘brand’ and your own shop on On Live Heroes you are not only a passive buyer. Everyone on Live Heroes can start an independent fashion brand, sell clothes and accessories created by them and earn money. Long story short, you create the graphics and they take care of all the rest including marketing, manufacturing and delivery. You get paid for every sold item of your brand. What are the brands? Every registered user can create their own brand, whenever an item created and published by that user is sold, 20% of the revenue goes straight to them. Open your shop here and find out more. Below you can find some samples products which you can find on Live Heroes.

At the end we would like to let you know that Obsession4Fashion collection is on a way and it will be available on so stay tuned.

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