Lan Krebs First Collection

Obsession4Fashion just featured Lan Krebs and his first fashion collection. We get totally obsessed with his works and we are sure that you will get as well. Lan Krebs is a designing student from Maribor, currently he is on the third year.

lan krebs first collection

What is ? “I found my inspiration on a trip to Milan (Expo). Upon gazing at “The tree of life”, a wooden sculpture, inspiration struck and I began thinking of net-like fabric, which I could incorporate in the making of my clothing since that is what the sculpture reminded me of. I used skeletal architecture for the basis of the collection, trying to imitate the signature curved lines, which repeat themselves in a steady beat. This resulted in very interesting patterns, which later came together in a net.”

One of our Obsession Blogger, Sara Zavernik also known as The Blonde Bliss was one of the first person which wore Lan pieces. We were writing about it previously. All shots for were taken by Borut Očko and modeled by Marisa Višnić One more time we would like to recommend you Lan works. To stay updated follow him via Instagram & Facebook

lan krebs first collection

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