Team jerseys can be wear not only on a field, they are quite popular in celebrity world. Why they wearing it? Because it looks stylish or they 55supporting team which jersey they’re wearing?

32D7B7BA00000578-3523270-image-a-61_1459803438807Justin Bieber wearing New York Rangers Jersey

32D7B7EE00000578-3523270-image-m-46_1459796098460Beyoncé in Chicago Bulls Jersey No.1

32D7B7F300000578-3523270-image-m-64_1459804116669In the same jersey you can see Jourdan Dunn

32D7B7FF00000578-0-image-a-36_1459795457063Rihanna, she is a huge fan of team jerseys. In here she is wearing the Los Angeles Clippers jersey.

dvjeqm8vrppfcthpjddtEva Longoria in a San Antonio Suprs Jersey. Her ex used to play there..

enf4ccxxh5yoiduekfwdMiley Cyrus in Jordan – Chicago Bulls Jersey No.23

jyeokidh6kcnkluudfl3Again Rihanna, this time in Ottawa Senators Jersey.

osipikx6twltjdd1654hDodgers are definitely favourite Kardashians team.

vitiwatkfal6rfjujk7sSelena Gomez wearing San Antonio Spurs.

wvzdtnikyeckzom8wqhoEven Taylor Swift in Los Angeles Lakers jersey on a scene.

ytfb2u4l9g75rhnbgoatRita Ora supporting Brooklyn Nets?

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