Ana Štucin is a 21-years-old fashion designer from Kranj, a small city in Slovenia. Thanks to our blogger, Sara Zavernik we found Ana works and from the first view, she caught our eyes that’s why we decided to share her works with our readers.

Ana has found her love for designing in a junior high-school. She gets totally obsessed with it so her mom taught her to sew. Step by step Ana became a unique fashion designer and her works landing in a fashion magazine and on a catwalk during the fashion shows.

We’ve picked four Ana’s project to share with you. Head over to the galleries to see it.

Lapland Project


“My first project and also my first outing as a designer back in my freshmen year at NTF. The inspiration came from traditional garments of the Lapland region in Finland. The basis for the design is an embroidered shirt worn by the model. This shirt was a gift to my mother from her parents during their visit to Finland. This design also carries a very personal memory for me and my family, as it was finished at a time when my grandfather passed away. In a way, this design indicates the ending of a part of my life and the beginning of something new. The entire design is experimental, not intended as functional wear, but to present the extent with which fabric can be manipulated in order to achieve new shapes and textures.”

Model: Prisha Justinek Alfirev

Photographer: Nea Hladnik

Future Project

“I designed the “mold on!” project together with my colleague and very good friend Tina Homan. The theme of this project was the problems of tomorrow, which in our minds, will one day come to haunt us. We focused on a problem which has already manifested in the present, wasted food. We researched different moulds and the decomposition of food in the natural environment and came to the realisation that moulds could become a piece of art. We used pur foam (intended for sealing cracks when installing windows in a house), jute and Jacquard fabrics to produce experimental designs. Jacquard was used in the skirt and dress made out of an elastic shining thread, to achieve a 3D effect. The coat and top pieces are interwoven with pur foam. As a finishing touch, I designed some accessories (handbags) to go with the overall design.”

Model: Prisha Justinek Alfirev

Photographer: Nea Hladnik

Little Black Dress Project


“Project “5.5” was carried out in the collaboration with the National museum of Ljubljana. During a white porcelain display they used 42km of black cotton thread to create “walls”. After the display was finished they didn’t waste the thread to go to waste. The cotton was given to my faculty and we began on a project revolving around the iconic little black dress. I decided to experiment with covering and uncovering parts of the body, showing the mysticism of a figure under the little black dress. I used 5500m of the black cotton thread in my design, which was woven into a tube 250m long. I hand sewn the tube onto a tulle base.This little black dress is unisize and can be worn by any kind of body shape. Also is very flexible when we are talking about events. Below this dress. Can be worn and kind of clothes in any kind of colours. And this makes my little black dress suitable for all occasions.”

Model: Nuša Perkič

Photographer: Peter Giodani

Principium Project


“I designed a collection for both men and women, with the main theme being hortifashion. I drew inspiration from seeds and their protective covering the seed heads. The seed heads protect seeds and at the right time release them into the world to begin a new life. By doing so they open up, forming a new 3D shape with the basic elements still visible. Besides horticulture, I also researched the French fashion house Dior. The female pieces were inspired from Raf Simon’s collections and the male collection was inspired from the collections of Kris Van Assche of spring/summer and autumn/winter 2008. The collection began by putting together a collage of seeds and seed heads, which I then developed into functional ware. Both male and female pieces incorporate digital prints and laser cuts of certain patterns. Digital prints allowed the use of my own patterns designed from my above-mentioned inspirations. This collection required a lot of manual work, mostly due to the amount of small details incorporated into it.I named the collection PRINCIPIUM, and I designed it for spring/summer, since it contains fresh colours and light materials.”

Model: Klara, Tara, Amanda, Taja, Ajda, Kristjan, Branko (Immortal Model Management)

Photographer: Jure Makovec

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